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"Network of emotions and relationships"


Romina studied at the School of Urban Arts (EAU) (Rosario, Santa Fe) school that integrates the art of circus, theater and dance.


He did recycling in the fixed trapeze disciplines and juggling at the National Circus School (Rio de Janeiro). He developed the Double Acrobatics technique with Beto Lopez (Rosario / Argentina).


He studied the art of clowning at ESLIPA - Free School of Clowns in Rio de Janeiro with Lily Curcio (Campinas), Breno Moroni (MS), Ésio Magalhães (Campinas) and Mauro Bruzza (RS). Madero (Spain), Sue Morrison (Canada), Pepe Nuñes (Spain / Florianópolis), Lilian Moraes - Off-sina Group (Rio de Janeiro) , Leris Colombaioni (Italy) and Ricardo Pucetti (Campinas).


In theater he created a character creation workshop with Pablo Micozzi (Rosario, Santa Fé). He participated in a creative process with Elo Vasquez (Comodoro Rivadavia) and in the language of contemporary dance studied with Rebecca Hilton (Rosario, Santa Fe).


He studied clown with Claudio Ivo, Sâmia Bittencourt and Melissa Caminha (Fortaleza), Aziz Gual (Mexico), Adelvane Néia (Campinas), Lana Sultani (São Paulo), Silvia Leblon (São Paulo), Sue Morrison (Canada), Leris Colombaioni Italy) and Ricardo Pucetti (Campinas).


He continued his training in clowning at ESLIPA - Free School of Clown in Rio de Janeiro with Biribinha, Ze Regino, João Carlos Articles, Pepe Nuñes, Lily Curcio, Breno Moroni, Ésio Magalhães, Titête and Mauro Bruza.


He developed techniques in Double Acrobatics with Beto Lopez (Rosario / Argentina).

He studied contemporary dance with Andréa Bardawill (Fortaleza), mime with Tomaz de Aquino (Fortaleza) and Victor de Seixas (São Paulo) and Body preparation and voice for the actor with Carlos Simioni (Campinas).


"Symbol of water and fluidity Laguz is the network of emotions and relationships".

The group is formed by Felipe Abreu (Brazil) and Romina Sanchez (Argentina). The company researches the circus, the clown and the clown exploring the comic in circus techniques. In 2013 they joined their work, created the show "Encounter of Two Worlds" that was the junction of the numbers "The Ladybug" by Felipe and "Metamorfoses" by Romina. Presenting in the lagoon Rodrigo de Freitas, Rio de Janeiro.


From the experience at the Dona Bilica circus in Florianópolis / SC, in 2014 the artists created the clown and clown show "Pedra no Sapato", which circulated in several cities of Ceará and was part of the international meeting of clown Eu Riso in Fernandópolis / SP.

The strong influence of street art and the interest of reaching the most diverse places made the company create the spectacle "Suspiros e Burbujas", which traveled for 8 months in a fusca 80, leaving from Florianópolis / SC to Fortaleza / CE passing through 7 states, 26 cities and totaling 70 presentations in a project called "If This Square Was Mine." Later it traveled in the same fusca by several cities of Ceará in a project called "La Riso Vai de Fusca - Ceará". The project took the show to 11 cities, performing 13 presentations and ministering 7 workshops.


In late 2016 and early 2017 the company traveled for 2 months to Rincon de los Sauces, Bariloche, Cipolletti and Rosario in Argentina presenting the show "Sighs and Bubbles". The artists also improved their technique in "Double Acrobatics" with Angel Lopez (Beto), an acrobatics professor at the Municipal School of Urban Arts in Rosario, Santa Fé.


In 2018, the company Laguz Circo re-presents the show "Stone in the Shoe". Same name, same idea, but totally different scenes. Now with another dress, emphasizing the dramaturgy and the research in the CLASSICAL CLOWN art.


The company intends to realize the art of the circus and the clown in the diverse scenic spaces. Taking your artistic expression to all people. Thus revealing through art our most human side. Sharing with people the value of life, rescuing the magic and freedom of childhood through the laughter that emerged in the spontaneous encounter.

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